Manufacture, repair and maintenance

With a strong background of recognized technical expertise, the Production Department has access to machining, welding, assembly and installation capabilities that meet your requirements. Our multidisciplinary team is thus able to respond to all your technical needs, whether for the manufacture of machines, repairs, revamping or maintenance.


Our engineering workshop contains all the technical resources required for general and precision engineering construction.

Our fitter-mechanics are able to dismantle, assess and reassemble mechanical assemblies of all types (grinders, vertical cassettes, reducers…)


  1. 1. Milling
    1. Reamer cutters
    2. Lathes
    3. Vertical lathes
    4. Cutters
    5. Routers
    6. Drills
  1. Sheet metal work
    1. Hydraulic shears
    2. Flame cutters
    3. Welding equipment
    4. Deposition welding
  2. Fitting
    1. Assembly
    2. Shot-blasting and paint cabinet


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